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Tesla S2070 3qtr.gif
Installed April 2011 (reconfigured in Nov 2015)
Operating System Linux Centos 6.4
Number of Nodes 2
Interconnect DDR Infiniband
Ram/Node 64 Gb
Cores/Node 8 with 2xGPUs
Login/Devel Node viz01 (from login.scinet)
Vendor Compilers nvcc,pgcc,icc,gcc
Queue Submission Torque

Two nodes dedicated for visualization have been setup. They are called viz01 and viz02. The nodes look a lot like the GPC development nodes, but each visualization node has 2 graphics cards, 64GB of memory and about 60GB of local hard disk. In the future, there will likely be a more visualization specific configurational differences with the devel nodes.

The viz nodes are currently in test phase. For now, you can directly log into viz01. We would value users' feedback and request for suitable software, help with visualization projects etc. Note that everything on the viz nodes is, at the moment, still subject to change at anytime.


The Visualisation Nodes, consists of two x86_64 nodes, each with two quad core Intel Xeon X5550 2.67GHz CPUs with 64GB of RAM per node. Each node has two NVIDIA Tesla M2070 GPUs with CUDA Capability 2.0 (Fermi) each with 448 CUDA Cores @ 1.15GHz and 6 GB of RAM. The nodes are interconnected with DDR Infiniband for MPI communications and disk I/O to the SciNet GPFS filesystems. The nodes also have a 60GB local scratch disk (/localscratch).


First log into

ssh -Y

where USERNAME is replaced with your SciNet username

Currently, you can proceed to log into viz01:

ssh -Y viz01

Note: The viz01 node thinks its name is cell-srv05

The -Y options are necessary for graphical windows to open on your own machine. For that, you need to have an X server running. Under Linux and MacOS, this is usually already the case. Windows users can use Cygwin or MobaXterm.

Alternatively, you can connect through VNC, but this requires some port forward, explained on the VNC wiki page.

It is entirely conceivable that these nodes will be put into a queue, rather than allowing direct login. In that case, the GPC devel nodes can be used to compile viz software or for requesting a viz node.

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